Community Partners

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills selectively engages in partnerships with first class educational organisations to enrich our students' holistic experiences and development.

Community Partners

Our school actively collaborates with organisations within our community, always ensuring mutual development, quality delivery and value adding engagements for our students. Such partnerships range in depth and breadth, and are complementary to our year-round progressive holistic education goals.
  • US PGA Academy Mission Hills (Golf)

    Since January 2019, US PGA and Mission Hills China, two of the leading brands in global golf officially joined forces to synergise and create a world-leading golf development and training offering.

    PGA Academy resides in the World's Largest Golf Club, Mission Hills China and offers the most professional training services for golfers of all levels. The combination of top facilities and the golfing expertise from PGA undoubtedly offers a unique experience for all golfers alike.

    The Academy's coaching team has more than thirty professional golf coaches, who are devoted to the development and continual improvement for golfers at all levels, regardless of their ages, skills levels and given talents.

    Bromsgrove School Mission Hills' exclusive partnership with the PGA Academy is across 5 levels. Students may:

    1. Begin with ‘golf for all’ as part of our regular Physical Education classes;
    2. Elect Golf Co-Curricular Activities;
    3. Be identified to join Golf Club;
    4. Advance, where talent and dedication is shown, to the Golf Ascender Team;
    5. Ultimately, at the most elite level, join our Golf Student Athlete Programme.  This Student Athlete Programme caters especially for students who wish to continue with a rigorous academic base, whilst, in parallel, intensively pursuing their golf prowess and advancing in their amateur golf regional, national and international rankings, with the aim to successfully matriculate into overseas universities under student athlete scholarships in golf and preparing them with the option to switch to become golf professionals.

    Our exclusive and in-depth partnership with the PGA Academy within the Mission Hills Resorts allows all students to develop golf as a recreational life-long sport that can be shared with friends and families, and for selected students, a pathway to develop into Student Athletes and Golf Professionals.

  • MH Tennis Academy

    Within the Terra Art Ecological Park resides the Mission Hills Tennis Academy . All 18 tennis courts, including the 3,000-seat Centre Court, are designed according to International Tennis Federation's standards and the Academy has hosted ATP, WTA, ITF and other large international events.

    Mission Hills Tennis Academy is a professional and standardised tennis training institution, which was founded under the backdrop of the rapid growth and development of tennis in China. The Academy is determined to popularise the sport of tennis across the whole country, which combines physical dexterity, mental adroitness, stamina and sophistication, so as to build a high-quality tennis learning programme and pathways for youth and adults.

    The coaching team is first-class with extensive coaching experience and holds ITF, PTR and other professional coaching certifications.

    To date, Bromsgrove School Mission Hills’ partnership with Tennis Academy is across 4 levels:

    1. Beginning from tennis for all students as part of their regular Physical Education classes;
    2. Leading to Tennis Co-Curricular Activities;
    3. Developing into  Tennis Club for those with talent and dedication;
    4. With best players joining our Tennis Team.

    Furthermore, annually, students have benefitted from and been inspired by master class clinics offered from visiting WTA / ITP players, on competition tours at the MH Tennis Academy.  In our first year of operations, even six Grand Slam singles, Mr. Boris Becker, visited our school and shared his winning philosophy with our students.

  • MH Arts & Crafts Factory

    We are blessed to have direct access to this exceptional Arts, Crafts and Maker space : a 4 floor mecca for creativity including access to ceramics and pottery, glass blowing and paper making, jewelry and leather craft, calligraphy and haberdashery, sculpture and wood crafts. The Factory is committed to building traditional artisanal craft experiences with extraordinary variety and superior professional equipment.

    With the Factory in close collaboration with and proximity to BMH, BMH students enjoy regular trips to experience workshops across all the artisanal learning zones and can further extend such artistic enrichments through our CCA offerings. Our students have unique opportunities to engage with, learn from and be inspired by the Factory's national team of artists-in-residence, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, makers returned from overseas and professional handcraft teachers.

  • Terra Art Ecological Park

    Mission Hills' Terra Art Ecological Park features breathtaking reservoir scenery, forests and green lawns. For sports enthusiasts, the park boasts a world-renowned tennis centre. Furthermore, the Park unfurls Asia's longest 10-kilometre cross-country cycling trail with challenging twists and turns, providing an adventure for professional cyclists. A range of other exciting activities include Archery, Basketball, Futsal, Football, Beach Volleyball, CS Experience Zone, Grove Adventure Play, Team Building games and other sports.

    Another distinctive and attractive feature of the park is the parent-child themed facilities including open air Art installations, Mini Zoo & Botanical Garden, Eco Gallery, Wishing Walls, Children's Putting Green, Fair Grounds, and BBQ.

    Many festivals and events take place here throughout the year and our students take regular trips to this wonderful local resource, as well as participate in them. For example, they have showcased their talents in festival variety performances and have participated in tennis competitions, cycling events, charity runs, and Spartan races.

  • Vision Gifted Chinese Children (STEAM)

    Vision Gifted Chinese Children (VGCC) is a dynamic learning institute catering for gifted and academically advanced students, offering challenging courses and individualised learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education.

    VGCC's core teaching team is composed of senior North American NASA trained educators and doctorates from prestigious universities. Its curriculum is enriching, innovative, engaging and rigourous.

    BMH has partnered with VGCC over G1-8 STEAM summer and winter programmes since summer of 2018.

  • PEA (Football and Physical Fitness)

    Pro Evolution Athletes Academy (PEA) is a professional athletes' academy, aiming to grow future sports stars, with the help of the best coaches and role models. PEA's training team are former National players with abilities and drive to grow high-performance players. The core competency of P.E.A Academy is to help players reach their amateur or professional sports goals.

    BMH has partnered with PEA and their national coaches in the specialisation of physical fitness programmes for our children, as well as in the development and advancement of our football teams and rankings.