A Direct Pathway Paved for BMH Students to Bromsgrove School UK.

What is Priority Placement?

As part of the Bromsgrove School’s family, the "Priority Placement" is an internal pathway provided by Bromsgrove UK for Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, which includes two parts: "selection and training of outstanding students" and "priority for Senior High school places".

Origins of “Priority Placement”:

1. Bromsgrove School's response to Mission Hills Group and the Chu family's selfless dedication to society;

2. Bromsgrove School has the highest authority over BMH academic management;

3. Trust in the professionalism and leadership of the current BMH Executive Headmaster and senior leaders;

4. Belief that BMH can nurture excellent S7-S8 students who are ahead of their peers in similar schools in Shenzhen.