It is always the case that students must come first, and systems second. However, good pastoral care – the kind of pastoral care that really does focus on individual issues rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution – must be a carefully monitored system with a structured approach in place to support each child.

Tutoring and Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on the great care that is given to all students in our school. Our methods include:

  • Recognising and responding positively to a child’s emotional and/ or behavioural needs
  • Communicating with parents positively and realistically to create a partnership approach to children’s emotional health and wellness
  • Liaising with appropriate agencies to enlist advice and/or support (e.g Olivia’s Place)

Alongside the high quality in class pastoral support, we have a skilled and committed specialist School Counsellor who works to support individuals and groups throughout the school. The School Counsellor oversees the social and emotional support within the school.

Alongside our policies are a range of practices to promote wellness:

  • Clear transition arrangements
  • School Ambassadors with elected membership from all year groups
  • Reward systems
  • An effective behaviour policy
  • Holistic and Pastoral senior leaders with identified roles which support students through a whole school referral system.
  • An onsite School Counsellor

This provides a structure for the range of pastoral interventions available in school, including:

  • 1-1 time in the Lotus room with the School Counsellor
  • Progress and wellness discussions with tutors, house parents and senior leaders

Our skilled and committed specialist School Counsellor offers confidential and professional counselling to students experiencing a range of academic, mental health and personal concerns including (but not limited to) anxiety, stress, depression, motivational problems and relationship difficulties.

We actively promote the support that can be provided by a range of agencies too. Where appropriate, our pastoral team may become involved to support a child experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties; we recognise the effectiveness of our early intervention approach and our commitment to pastoral care for all.

  • Code of Behaviour

    The code of behaviour expresses the vision, mission and values of the school. It translates the expectations of staff, parents and students into practical arrangements that will help to ensure continuity of instruction to all students. It helps to foster an orderly, harmonious school where high standards of behaviour are expected and supported. BMH works continuously with students and their families to ensure that the code of behaviour can maintain the best possible educational environment in the school.

  • Technology

    It is our aim to use technology in a meaningful and integrated way, focusing on quality over quantity, exploring and making best use of each device, app and platform that we have through collaboration, contextual reflection and remaining always highly mindful of Digital Citizenship. We have a ‘Cyber ABCs’ document at BMH which aims to guide our safe and appropriate usage of technology and all staff and students are required to follow this along with our Programme Expectations for IT.