Academic Foundations

We prepare our students for Top-Tier Universities around the World by a progressive and clearly articulated programme that begins at the point of entry, allowing students to move progressively through their educational journey based on their developmental and learning needs.

Academic Foundations

We prepare our students for Top-Tier Universities around the World by a progressive and clearly articulated programme that begins at the point of entry, allowing students to move progressively through their educational journey based on their developmental and learning needs. To this end, upon completion of the Pre School, students move into Prep Junior School and latterly on to Prep Senior School, before they progress into Senior School (IGCSEs) and Sixth Form (A-Levels).

Pre School students are taught through play and inquiry alongside three adults, offering complete bilingual immersion.

In Prep Juniors, transdisciplinary education with integrated Coteaching and Specialist teaching models build diversity of experience.

From Prep Seniors, subject-based learning commences, with experts delivering rigorous academic learning and House Systems enriching social development.

Boarding options are introduced in the Senior School, as students move through IGCSEs and onto A-Levels in Sixth Form, while our Bromsgrove Futures Department prepares students for their ongoing journey to university and beyond.


    Our bilingual Pre School programme integrates best practice from East and West and includes Reggio Emilia inspired play-based pedagogy to offer children the best possible start in life. Play is a vehicle for learning. It provides opportunities for learning in a context in which children are at their most receptive. They learn to explore and to think about problems. Play inspires creativity, builds confidence and helps young children acquire problem solving and language acquisition skills in both of our school languages. Research demonstrates that play-based learning leads to greater social, emotional, and academic success. Paired with the warmth and care that three adults in each homeroom offer, our students build successful relationships and a strong sense of self.


    In Prep Juniors, the learning experiences of students are diversified and become increasingly tailored to the needs of the individual. Outstanding teachers work together with students to set targets and offer feedback through their learning process and focus on inquiry-based learning to broaden problem solving and higher order thinking abilities.

    The blending of the East and West models evolves to include a range of approaches to language learning including immersion in English and Chinese as well as the benefits of Co-teaching for interconnected language, inquiry and transdisciplinary education. The addition of Specialist Teachers to enrich areas of learning including Maths, PE, Music and Art allows for a greater sphere of influence and the identification of talents, passions and skills across a range of disciplines as part of our Holistic education programme. Opportunities to get involved in committees, teams and clubs provide students with avenues for success, risk taking and self-expression.


    Our mission in the Prep Seniors is to prepare our students for the academic rigour of the Senior School. Accordingly, we build on the strong bilingual and bicultural foundations laid in Pre and Prep Junior Schools by having the students learn in a curriculum which blends the best of the internationally renowned Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme with that of the rigorous Chinese Compulsory Education Curriculum. We add 21st Century 'visible learning' pedagogy, active listening and translanguaging to our English language learning in a variety of ways; all students have Musical Theatre Lessons where music, dance, drama and the English language are combined allowing students to become performing artists as they prepare for success in the Associate Board of the Royal College of Music examinations (ABRSM). Also, all students have London Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) lessons in which they develop public speaking, role play, improvisation and devised drama performing art skills which lead to world renowned LAMDA qualifications. Students become computer programmers in Computer Science lessons, learning how to read and write code to solve real world problems which are visibly seen to work.

    A result of our academically rigorous and dynamic interactive teaching is that our students enjoy great success in both local mid-term and end of term examinations in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science and also Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations in all of their subjects in Prep 4, 5 and 6. More importantly they grow in confidence as compassionate, communicative, responsible risk takers and thinkers.

    Leadership and healthy competition in all activities is a feature of Prep Seniors with our vibrant student led House System which aims to motivate high standards in all we do whilst celebrating student performance, often with a view to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.



    From Senior 7 onwards, we provide weekly boarding replicating in Bromsgrove Mission Hills the premier quality of provision to be found in Bromsgrove School UK. This allows us to adopt a holistic approach to the students' development with a 'work hard play hard' day which blends rigorous bilingual academic learning together with art, drama, music and sport, as well as supported private study. Our academic curriculum flows on from the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme to the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme, all interwoven with the Compulsory Education Curriculum of China so that students are successful in both the end of Senior 9 Compulsory Education graduation examinations as well as a year later in their Cambridge IGCSEs in subjects as varied as Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Computer Science, Design Technology, English, Geography, History, Mathematics and Physics.

    With specialist well qualified and experienced Overseas and Chinese teachers in all subjects, most with Master's degrees, Senior School provides students with an array of opportunities for leadership and character development through our student led house system, societies and co-curricular activities. Amongst the activities students engage in from Senior 7 to 10 are: Model United Nations, The International Award for Young People (IYA), Parliamentary Debating, Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, World Scholars Cup, VSTEAM, School Musical, Computer Science Club, School Productions, School Sports Teams and Specialist Sports Coaching in Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Tennis, Volleyball and of course Golf with the PGA Academy.



    With successful IGCSEs achieved, our extended day and weekly boarding students become Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Sixth Form Scholars where, with our university counsellors' help, they plan their flight paths for Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League and other world class universities. With experienced and well qualified Overseas teachers and Chinese subject specialists, most with Master's degrees, our scholars pursue four Cambridge Advanced General Certificates in General Education (A levels) (rather than the usual three) in their preferred subjects which include: Art, Chinese, Computer Science, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    We supplement this academically rigorous diet with The International Award for Young People (IYA; otherwise known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme) which provides a qualification framework for motivating endeavours in the creative, action and service domains of co-curricular activity.

    In Sixth Form we put great emphasis on career and university counseling and leadership and character development. In addition to SAT preparation, for those wishing to apply to US universities, and Oxbridge preparation and application, we require our Sixth Form Scholars to take on leadership roles as prefects, society heads and active teaching roles in all the co-curricular, house and enrichment activities for the benefit of all BMH students.