Message from Leadership

At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills we believe that young children have a right to joyful experiences full of awe and wonder. We value and love each child with professionalism and passion.

Message from Leadership - Prep and Senior Schools

  • Message from Dr. Charles Wall

    It is an absolute pleasure to work with the students, colleagues and parents of BMH as we strive to be the best we can be. Learning, teaching and parenting are challenging processes and make big demands on us as humans practically, intellectually and emotionally. Being big hearted and open minded requires courage and I am often moved by the constructive energy brought to bear in lessons and meetings around the campus. So much of what we do in this world requires great teamwork and collaboration. Here our character is further challenged and strengthened as we reach out to fellow students, colleagues and family members in that generous act of providing practical or emotional support. BMH is shot through with such an ethos as evident on a visit to the school. It is a privilege to serve with students, colleagues and parents as we strive to nurture and educate one another in our endeavours to make the world a better place by being the best versions of ourselves. I hope this website gives you a glimpse of how this ethos manifests itself at our school.

    Dr. Charles Wall, Executive Headmaster


    • Executive Headmaster
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2019-present
    • Principal
      • Karachi Grammar School
      • 2016-2019
    • Head of School
      • The British School of Bahrain
      • 2013-2016
    • Maths teacher
      • Babington Community College
      • 2012-2013
    • Head of Senior School
      • The British International School, Cairo
      • 2008-2012
    • Deputy Head (Sixth Form and Extended School)
      • Leventhorpe School Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
      • 2006-2008
    • Head of Maths then Head of Key Stage 3 & Deputy to Head of Senior School
      • Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
      • 2001-2006
  • Message from Professor Zhang

    It has been a great honour to join Bromsgrove School Mission Hills in 2021. My aims are to practise a higher education philosophy, diversify my career, look up to the stars and stick to my faith, and devote myself to educating people. Teachers and students build a cultural landscape together, establishing value in the pursuit of benevolence, beauty, and wisdom; family and school build an emotional landscape together, establishing value in upholding freedom, diversity, and openness. Plato once said, “The direction in which education points a man will determine his future life.” Let us return to common sense, explore our potential, and create unlimited possibilities for the development of our students!

    Professor Zhang, Deputy Head – R&D and Quality Assurance


    • Deputy Head – R&D and Quality Assurance
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2021-present
    • Chinese Teaching and Research Personnel/Subject Leader in Heilongjiang Province
      • Heilongjiang Teacher Development Institute
      • 2000-2021 (20 years)
  • Message from Daniel Rhodes

    My philosophy of education is that all children are unique. They must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is vitally important to create this type of atmosphere where children can meet their full potential.

    Children are our future. I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

    At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills we embrace every child’s uniqueness. Education is not a one-size-fits-all discipline, and I believe it's essential that the school approach is tailored to the specific needs of each child. Staff at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills get to know the children as individuals so they can appropriately support and challenge them both academically inside the classroom and beyond the classroom in a broader holistic, human way.

    It is a great honour for me to lead the Holistic education at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. Our holistic approach aids children by allowing them to work at their pace, as different children have different levels, speeds and styles of learning. In addition, group activities, games, public speaking and co-curricular activities will all help promote better communication skills and confidence in the children. Holistic education not only develops a child academically, it also teaches them to face challenges, develop resilience, value relationships and building on their strengths to prepare them to survive in this modern world as wonderful, high achieving global citizens.

    Daniel Rhodes, Deputy Head (Holistic)


    • Deputy Head (Holistic)
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2019-present
    • Head Teacher
      • Bunny Primary School
      • Nottinghamshire, UK
      • 2009-2018 (9 years)
    • Deputy Head Teacher
      • Spitalgate Primary School
      • Grantham, UK
      • 2006-2008 (2 years)
    • PE co-ordinator and Primary teacher
      • Various UK schools
      • 1995-2006 (11 years)
    • National tennis player until 1995
      • Qualified LTA Tennis coach
      • Golf playing handicap of 7
  • Message from Penny Liu

    I believe that a good international school must reflect the diversity of a multitude of nations and cultural tolerance, identify the beauty with each of them, share the beauty and achieve unity. Bromsgrove School Mission Hills is exactly such a school in no doubt. We wish every child in BMH will be able to take root in China but also with an international mind. From this perspective, we combine traditional Chines Five Constant virtues: Ren、Yi、Zhi、Xin with modern western civility. Through cross-cultural communication and inquiry-based learning, students will learn to respect differences and show their personality, pursue excellence and become a compassionate global citizen. At the same time, we will guide students to discover the relationship between humans and nature, humans and society, humans and humans, humans and ego, and then find and identify their value.

    With a blend of best practice from both East and West, teacher and students will experience a memorable journey in Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. Through interaction of teaching and learning, multiple intelligence development and cultivation, everyone is unique, they have the courage to explore and innovate to make their miracle on the world.

    Every parent who has chosen or will choose Bromsgrove School Mission Hills has done serious research and comprehensive comparison, and agrees with our education philosophy. As such, let us hold hands and combine our energies to help children grow up with happiness, health, vivacity and elegance.

    Penny Liu, Deputy Head


    • Vice-president
      • Maple Leaf International School, Zhejiang
      • 2016-2017 (1 year)
    • Head master , Vice-president of
      • Yongmao Primary,Secondary school, Guiyang. Guizhou
      • 2015-2016 (2 years)
    • Teacher
      • Tiejun Primary School. Foshan, Guangdong
      • 2002 -2014 (13 years)
  • Message from Rajan Chana

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" – Nelson Mandela

    As a teacher and Academic Assistant Head, I strongly believe that fostering critical thinking skills is at the heart of what we do in education. I am committed to giving students the tools they need to see their own value, analyse information and situations, and effectively solve problems.

    My teaching style can be best described as one that incorporates a diversity of teaching methodologies and techniques. Using case studies, real-life examples, and thought-provoking questions, I encourage students to consider their role and how they fit into society. I believe students should apply what they learn in one subject to another subject they are studying. I work to break down the barriers between individual topics and encourage cross-functional application and transference of knowledge.

    Education is not a one-size-fits-all discipline, and I believe it's essential that my approach is tailored to the specific learning needs of each student. I get to know the students to help them cultivate their own voice and choice in the way they learn, enabling them to take ownership of their learning and foster a love of learning, reaching new levels of excellence.

    Rajan Chana, Assistant Head (Academic)


    • Assistant Head (Academic)
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2020 – Present
    • Head of Sustainability, Outdoor Learning and Primary Teacher
      • Dulwich College, Suzhou
      • 2017 – 2020
    • Head of Art and Design and Primary Teacher
      • Livingstone Primary School, UK
      • 2015 – 2017
    • Head of Phonics and Primary Teacher
      • Queenspark Academy, UK
      • 2012 – 2015
  • Message from Diana Choy

    At BMH, we believe every student is unique and success takes many forms. All stakeholders of the school are part of the learning community in which they all play active roles in the development of our students. There is no limit in learning. Learning is a lifelong process and we focus on preparing our students to possess the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes of being a passionate, resonsible, resilient leaner.

    BMH provides a bicultrual and bilingual environment in which staff and students from different cultural backgrounds work and learn together. The best of the philosophies and practices from the East and West are blended. In such environment students develop open mindedness, flexibility, communication skills, which are all important for survival in a globalised setting.

    We look forward to working with you and witnessing success of each child at BMH!

    Diana Choy, Assistant Head (Professional Development)


    • Assistant Head (Professional Development)
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2021 - present
    • Inquiry and Chinese Coach
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
      • 2020 - 2021
    • Lead Teacher (Mandarin) and Teacher of Mandarin
      • Sha Tin Junior School, English School Foundation
      • 2007 - 2020
    • Co-Teaching Coordinator, Year 2 Team Leader
      • Yew Chung International School (Primary Section)
      • 2003 - 2007

Message from Leadership - PreSchool

  • Message from Grace Ouyang

    Since BMH Pre School opened, we have received continuous positive feedback from our community. Parents said that their children had a great time in our Pre School with growing confidence and blossoming childhood. They grow from young and innocent three-year-olds to zealous, inquisitive six-year-olds. We are pleased that parents welcomed our model and we are deeply moved by their kind and simplistic words. Their feedback revealed a simple idea, which is exactly what we are striving for: as education professionals, we work hard to create a safe, caring, wise, aesthetic and inspirational world, where children can develop their talent and full potentials by exploring their surroundings through playful learning and practical applications, so that each child can be the best version of themselves. Here at BMH, children enjoy their daily life in a healthy and fun way, which lays the foundation of lasting happiness and success.

    BMH is situated in a picturesque location, looking over forests, lakes, art galleries and a huge golf course. We integrate the natural and social aspects of the Mission Hills community into our Pre School curriculum, enriching children’s learning experience. Children have a wealth of opportunities to choose from, which in turn promotes their holistic development, including physical development, language and communication skills, social development, emotional intelligence, scientific and artistic literacy, of which critical thinking, creative mind, problem-solving skills, and team playing ability are a crucial part of their journey to becoming lifelong learners of the 21st century.

    Looking ahead, we strive to create a future-oriented environment of Chinese and English immersion of multicultural context. Children will learn Chinese traditional culture, customs, etiquette and values in an age-appropriate manner. We hope that every BMH graduate can embrace whatever challenges that come their way with confidence and courage!

    Grace Ouyang, Head of Pre School


    • Head of Pre School
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Pre School
      • 2020-Present
    • Chinese Principal
      • Harrow Little Lion, Nanning and Zhuhai
      • 2020
    • Academic Director
      • ZWIE & KYE Shanghai
      • 2018-2020
    • Chinese Principal
      • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Pre School
      • 2016-2018
    • Principal
      • Zhuhai International School
      • 2013-2016
  • Message from Yola Fu

    We firmly believe that every child has a unique personality, talents and endless potential. A love of learning may last a lifetime if we nurture and cultivate each child's individuality and respect and care for each child’s differences. Our priority is promoting a life-long love of learning through our tailor-made model of education.

    We aim to create a colourful, authentic and dynamic environment for children, so they can actively try, explore and experience, enjoy happy learning and be inspired with self-confidence to form their own unique learning style.

    Here you will feel the warmth and the fusion of various cultures. In this small world, different languages, customs, cultures, and ideas slowly meld and nourish our hearts and allow children to thrive. Balanced teaching and learning in both Chinese and English will help our children with their holistic development in terms of knowledge, skills and personality, and foster children’s genuine passion for learning and establishing good learning and living habits.

    To all our dear children, it is your mission to inherit the traditional Chinese culture and it is your vision to perceive the benefits of the modern globalised world. Ideals illuminate the road ahead of you and passion enlightens the years of youth. Facing the ocean, you will find yourself surrounded by blossoming flowers in spring.

    Yola Fu, Deputy Head of Pre-School

    Ms. Yola Fu has worked in education for more than 13 years and has a wealth of teaching and management experience in both local and international kindergartens. She was awarded “Outstanding Principal in 2013.

    Here are some highlights on her professional career:

    • Principal
      • Hong Kong Pinot International Kindergarten
      • 2016-2018
    • Principal
      • Chunlei Kindergarten
      • 2008-2016
    • Teaching Director
      • Hong Kong Wei Cai International Kindergarten
      • 2006-2008
  • Message from Joy Rasmussen

    It is a pleasure to be a part of the leadership team of BMH Preschool. A school, whose goal is to create an active, engaging learning environment where every student develops a love for learning and the tools to become a lifelong learner.

    I am honored to work with a staff that is dedicated to creating learning environments where students are encouraged to learn and grow. BMH teachers are devoted to their professional growth and development. Our students experience a multitude of successes in the classroom and on the playing field.

    The school is situated in a wonderful environment with nature on our doorstep, which is a wonderful resource to aid in the holistic development of our children by taking their learning out into nature, developing their confidence, risk taking and an overall sense of well-being.

    Joy Rasmussen, Assistant Head (Academic and Professional Development)


    • Assistant Head of Preschool (Academic and Professional Development)
      • Bromsgrove Mission Hills
      • 2021 - Current
    • Prep 1 Lead Expat Teacher
      • Bromsgrove Mission Hills
      • 2020 - 2021
    • Year 1 Lead teacher
      • Harrow Beijing International School
      • 2018 - 2020
    • Grade 3 Teacher
      • Beanstalk International Bilingual School
      • 2015 - 2018
    • Grade 2 Teacher
      • Margate Primary School South Africa
      • 2007 - 2015