We model our boarding on the offer and success of our UK partner school providing top-tier accommodation and boarding programme in the realms of academic and holistic learning as well as wrap-around pastoral care to make each individual student feel like home.

British Boarding Excellence at BMH

At BMH, we provide British-style boarding of the highest calibre in Shenzhen, offering a home from home, rich extensions in academic and holistic learning, and wrap around pastoral care. Our boarding is founded on three pillars: community, character and challenge.

Why Boarding at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills?

Of the many unparalleled benefits BMH students enjoy, our deep and integrated relationship with our partner-school, Bromsgrove School UK, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful. Bromsgrove School, with its rich 550+ years of history and reputation, is renowned for its academic and holistic offer, as well as its exceptional approach to boarding which provides a ‘home from home’ context in which students can truly maximise their potential.

At BMH, we model our boarding on the offer and success of our UK partner school, providing rich extension opportunities in the realms of academic and holistic learning as well as wrap-around pastoral care to meet the needs of each individual student in our care.

"Great boarding schools offer pupils a home, not a place to sleep after work. People, not systems, must come first." – Bromsgrove School UK

British-style Boarding Programme

We recognise that the years a young person spends boarding will be amongst the most memorable of their lives. As such, at the heart of our programme lies the intention to make BMH Boarding a positive, unique and enriching experience within a serene ecological and sporting community, to achieve excellence for our students – laying positive foundations in their characters and their memories for years to come.

Our tailored Boarding Programme is built on three pillars:

  1. Community
    • Built around mixed age (8-14 age) housing, our BMH Boarding fosters close-knit relationships, buddy systems and inclusivity, creating an unparalleled environment for social development and responsibility; the resulting friendships and mentorships can be life-long.
  2. Character
    • We concentrate on holistic growth and character development. Our boarders become confident and independent young people, attentive to both their own wellbeing and to that of the community members with whom they live.
  3. Challenge
    • BMH Boarding presents students with appropriate challenges. In addition to the challenge of self-management, boarders also learn in new ways and are explicitly challenged to foster a growth mindset, enhance their academic pursuits with onsite faculty, extend their hobbies, talents and holistic development, and build resilience.

House System

Our Houses are small communities of 6 to 14 year olds. A Houseparent, House Matron, Assistant Houseparents, and a dedicated team of tutors and support staff are responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of students within the House. Together, they professionally and wholeheartedly serve in loco parentis, whilst also offering inspirational teaching and coaching.

Our Houseparents and Assistant Houseparents are boarding house residents and members of the BMH faculty. Girls and boys live on separate floors with a Houseparent. In addition, our dedicated tutor team (also BMH faculty) provide additional assistance via evening duties on a rotational basis. Support, encouragement and trust are our watchwords.

Superb Facilities

Dorm rooms are built to the highest standards and great care has been taken to provide for all the needs of our boarders; each has a quality solid wood bed, desk and substantial storage space. Each room (shared between 2 or 3) is bright and airy, with expansive floor to ceiling windows (with safety structures added), and with a well outfitted and modern ensuite bathroom.