Prep School

Our Preparatory School Curriculum follows the framework of the National Curriculum in England, with which content streams found in the Chinese Primary School curriculum are integrated . Inculcating inquiry-based learning , strengthening bilingual mastery , achieving academic excellence and holistic growth to allow for a smooth transition for students as they move towards the Senior School.

Prep School

  • Curriculum Overview

    Our mission in the Preparatory School is to prepare our students for the academic rigour of the Senior School. Accordingly, we build on the strong bilingual and bicultural foundations laid thus far by having the students learn in a curriculum which blends the best of the internationally renowned Cambridge Pathway with that of the rigorous Chinese Compulsory Education Curriculum. Inquiry-based learning provides students with the opportunity to explore geography, history, science and other subjects in a carefully crafted student led way, which fosters curiosity and develops higher order thinking and research skills. English is taught by experienced and well qualified expatriate teachers using Cambridge Global English and the best 21st Century active language learning methodologies. Chinese is taught by passionate bilingual Chinese teachers who have a love for Chinese language, literature and culture using the full range of effective teaching and learning strategies. In Mathematics, blessed with Chinese bilingual and expatriate mathematics specialist teachers, we follow the rigorous Beijing Normal University Mathematics Curriculum and teach this in Chinese first before using and applying and deepening understanding of concepts with mathematics lessons taught in English by our expatriate mathematics teachers. Art, Science and PE are taught in both Chinese and English to further facilitate bilingual language learning whilst IT and Computer Science are taught in English. Finally, in performing arts students are taught in Chinese and English by bilingual and expatriate specialist teachers allowing students to become bilingual performing artists as they prepare for success in the Associate Board of the Royal College of Music (ABRSM) or London Academy of Drama Arts (LAMDA) examinations.

    A result of our academically rigorous and dynamic interactive teaching is that our students enjoy great success in both local mid-term and end of term examinations in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science and also Cambridge Pathway Examinations in all of their subjects throughout their years in Preparatory School. More importantly, they grow in confidence as compassionate, communicative, responsible risk takers and thinkers.

    Leadership and healthy competition in all activities is a feature of Preparatory School with our vibrant student-led House System which aims to motivate high standards in all we do whilst celebrating student performance, often with a view to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • The Learning Areas

    The Prep School Curriculum areas include:

    • English Language and Literacy
    • Chinese Language and Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Technology
    • Humanities
    • The Arts
    • Physical Education
    • Morality, Well-being and Citizenship

    Information and Computer Technology (ICT) is taught throughout the Prep School as a fully-integrated approach to learning, allowing children to build a repertoire of skills to facilitate learning. Blooms Digital Taxonomy (Churches, A.2007) is referenced throughout planning documents and is explicitly taught in class to allow children to access levels of higher order thinking through a range of approaches, including through tech integration. The SAMR model (Puentedura, R. 2006) drives ongoing review of the efficacy of our ICT programme.

  • Chinese and English Mastery

    We believe that meaningful and early exposure to more than one language will provide our students with advanced cognitive development. All students will pursue a blended programme taught in both Chinese and English. Bilingual mastery of Chinese and English is the goal for every student. The time devoted to each language is dependent on the age of the student with a gradual shift as the student advances from the Early Childhood programme, to the Prep School and to the Senior School.

    In Prep School, students benefit from immersion English classes with their native English speaking teachers, the majority of which are streamed by English experience and attainment levels in order to best meet the needs of our students and ensure best outcomes for all. Chinese lessons are delivered by Chinese Class Teachers and Specialists, offering deep knowledge of and passion for the language. Many lessons are also delivered bilingually, such as Morality and Inquiry lessons, allowing students the opportunity to build ‘code switching’ abilities working alongside English and Chinese teachers and languages simultaneously.

    Beginner Level Chinese and English classes will be offered at various grade levels for students new to the school, and particularly as students progress through the Prep School. Therefore, students without prior knowledge or experience with Chinese or English language may apply.

  • Inquiry Approach

    Inquiry is a key pedagogical approach at BMH, aiding the development of children’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. The programme allows for 4 units to be explored in each academic year. The units articulate transdisciplinary themes with a balance across key areas of Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Design & Technology during each student's Prep School career. The programme focuses on developing students’ abilities and skills to inquire for knowledge and develop understanding of concepts through engaging, challenging and effective teamwork and collaboration. Students make choices, decisions and take ownership of their learning with opportunities to ask questions, to apply different learning approaches and to reflect. Students are encouraged to take their learning beyond academic studies by taking responsible actions to make a positive change to the world and others at local and global levels.

    Emphasis is placed on meaning and understanding. Inquiry moves the learner from his or her current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding. Inquiry can take the form of:

    • Exploring, wondering, and questioning
    • Experimenting, researching and playing with possibilities
    • Collecting data and reporting findings
    • Making predictions
    • Clarifying existing ideas and reappraising events
    • Making and testing theories
    • Elaborating on solutions to problems
  • Assessment and Reporting

    Assessment is an ongoing process and is integral to all teaching and learning with the prime objective to provide purposeful feedback on the learning process. It must inform instruction and allow teachers, students and parents to reflect upon learning as well as identify what students know, understand and demonstrate at different stages of the learning process.

    At Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, assessment is carried out against the appropriate Programme Expectations using a range of techniques including teacher observation, portfolios, tracking, rubrics, self- and peer-assessment and parental input.

    Pre-assessments, formative assessments and summative assessments are carried out within and across Inquiry Units with summative assessments used as the basis of formal reporting.

    Parents may expect formal written reports for both Term 1 and Term 2, as well as face to face discussions with teachers at the Two-Way (teachers and parents only) and Three-Way (students, teachers and parents) conferences.

  • Facilities

    The state-of-the-art facilities for the Prep School include large open-plan classrooms, an extensive library, atrium / multi-purpose room indoor hall, student cafeteria, dedicated art, dance, drama, and music rooms, science labs and workshops. For sports, students have access to large sports field, recreation and performance space quad, and rooftop basketball and tennis courts and play area.

  • Timetable

    Prep School Timetable

    • Full Day Programme: 8:00-16:00
    • Co-curricular Activities: 16:00-17:00

    Students arrive from 8am and Period 1 commences at 8:20am. The School Day ends at 16:00. Co-curricular activities are optional and offered from Monday to Friday.

  • Experiential Learning

    We believe in children being active, not passive, learners, engaging in the world around them and enhancing their natural curiosity. Our teaching and learning approaches in the classroom mirror this every day, with children provided meaningful opportunities for developing their skills and applying their knowledge. Rather than give our students endless worksheets or ask them to follow text books, page by laborious page, we will inspire them with real-life opportunities in the classroom; through role play, taking actions and offering service to the community based on their inquiry units and giving time to explore their own questions and wonderings about the world. This extends beyond the classroom as we want to make the most of the wonderful community and city in which we live. Here are a few of the trips our students take regularly, all within 10 minutes of our school:

    • Visit to the Mission Hills Sport and Eco Park to care for the farm animals
    • Visit the wonderful Art Exhibits and Arts Factory at our neighbouring Arts Centre
    • Attend workshops at the famous Guanlan Printing Factory
    • Go on local walks to assess traffic safety (our students designed their own traffic signs to help keep us safe!)
    • Use Mathematical skills to go on excursions to local shops and banks to investigate money
    • Pop down the road to the famous Mission Hills golf courses to hone their skills on the greens!
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors Programme

    Annually, 2 BMH students are selected as Student Ambassadors to study at Bromsgrove School UK for a whole term. They will study, live and participate in all activities with British and international students from around the world. This is an exceptional and distinctive experience in preparation for study at Bromsgrove School from Year 9 onwards. There are no additional tuition fees required, except for BMH boarding fee equivalent (if not already a BMH boarder), for flights, for travel insurance, for visa and for some student pocket money.

    BMH Ambassadors’ behaviour, work ethic and attitude must be exemplary as they are representing BMH at Bromsgrove School UK. We will go through the application and review process every year to select the students of good character and academic and holistic standing.

    2023 Student Ambassadors

    Congratulations to our 2023 Student Ambassadors – Richard Feng from P5B and Oscar Chen from P6. They will study at Bromsgrove School UK over their third term from April to June.

    "Richard was chosen for his excellent English communication skills, his sociable nature, his strong academic abilities and his interests outside of school.

    Oscar was chosen for his first rate academic record in which he demonstrates steely intelligence, his keen interest and commitment to all sports activities and his popularity with his peers which will surely help him communicate his experiences to BMH students during his stay overseas and upon his return."

    Richard and Oscar arrived in the UK on 21st April 2023, and began their Ambassador journey. Although they had worries before they went to the UK, they were happy after settling in and made many friends. Despite the many differences between Bromsgrove School UK and schools in China, they went with a positive and open minded attitude. Finally, even though they encountered difficulties from being in a completely different country, they quickly acclimatised and overcame these challenges with the help of very caring teachers and with the care of very supportive and kind classmates.

    They have enjoyed their study and a variety of extra-curricular activities at Bromsgrove School UK. Their optimism and positivity make us believe that they are far stronger than we imagined. BMH children are not flowers in the greenhouse. They are tenacious and able to face challenges bravely. Furthermore, through our young ambassadors’ easy and smooth adjustment, it reaffirms the systemic maturity of the exceptional wrap around boarding and pastoral care embedded at Bromsgrove UK, and the inclusive culture of its student body.