Admissions Process

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills welcomes applications from Chinese Nationals and Foreign Passport holders alike.

Online Application

To apply to Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, please complete the online application form and submit the supporting documents using the online application. All applications are facilitated via our online application process, which can be found at Apply Online .Press to apply.

The First Step in Your Journey with Us

Our goal from day 1 is to begin the lengthy process of providing continuous support to your child as they attempt to fulfill the promise contained in our Mission Statement: "To empower students to pursue excellence in its many forms and to acquire the skills necessary to become critical thinking, self-actualised problem solvers and compassionate global citizens." Although it may take only seconds to receive one's diploma at a graduation ceremony, it takes years to get to that pivotal point in one's life. Please be assured that we embrace the challenge of meeting each child's individual learning and developmental needs and to set them on the right path toward achieving their goals and fulfilling their vast potential. It starts with admissions and the application process.

Who can apply?

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills welcomes applications from Chinese Nationals and foreign passport holders alike. We offer a dual language (Chinese and English) university-preparatory programme. We strongly believe in and will pay significant attention to holistic development. Part of our mandate is to prepare students to be successful and fully engaged at English speaking universities around the world. We are committed to providing curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate. We expect that it will always be enjoyable and inspirational.

Our school is interested in applicants and parents who understand and are in agreement with our stated goals and the school's Vision, Mission and Core Values. Further, it is critical that parents support the dual-language framework in place at the school, the inquiry-based conceptual programme offered in the Pre School and Prep Junior School, and the rigorous university-preparatory programme that will be offered in the Senior Schools. We look forward to receiving your application and to have your family join our school community.

  • How does the process work?

    The Admissions process is selective at all year groups. However, the nature of the assessment tool used is dependent on the year group the student is applying for. Written tests in English, Chinese and Maths are included from Prep 2 and above.

    If a year group is at capacity we will maintain a wait-list for qualified applicants.

    Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, race, gender or creed. At all year groups, we will be looking for evidence that individual learning needs can generally be met within the mainstream classroom and without significant additional adult intervention or learning support.

  • Admissions Checklist
    • Completed application form
    • A copy of child's birth certificate
    • A copy of child's passport / ID card / Hukou
    • Copies of both parents' passports / ID cards / Hukou
    • Two recent passport-sized photographs
    • School transcripts / report cards for the last 2 years (if applicable)
    • School reference, awards or recognition (if applicable)