Bromsgrove Academic Results are superb. A bespoke Careers and Universities department with a dedicated team of specialists will advise and guide students through their career at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills and beyond to top Universities across the World.

Academic Overview

Our academic curriculum flows on from the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme to the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme all interwoven with the Compulsory Education Curriculum so that students are successful in both the end of Senior 9 Compulsory Education graduation examinations as well as a year later in their Cambridge IGCSEs.

With successful graduation from Compulsory Education and excellent grades in 9 or 10 Cambridge IGCSEs, students become sixth form scholars where, with our university counsellors' help, they plan their flight paths for Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League and other world class universities. Typically, scholars pursue four Cambridge Advanced General Certificates in Education (GCEs, usually called A’ levels) in their preferred subjects.

  • Senior 7 to Senior 9

    From Senior 7 to 9 students study the following subjects: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Computer Science, English, Geography, History, Humanities, Maths, Morality, Music, Physics and Physical Education. They sit local examinations in Chinese, English, Maths and Science 4 times a year as well as our own Cambridge IGCSE style assessments.

  • Senior 10

    In Senior 10, students prepare for Cambridge IGCSEs in Chinese, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics which are compulsory and 3 or 4 other subjects from Additional Maths, Art, Computer Science, Design, English Literature, Geography, Global Perspectives, History and Music which are the pupil’s choice. Pupils may also sit IGCSEs in other languages which they may have pursued as part of our after school programme.

  • Senior 11 and 12 otherwise known as Sixth Form

    Over the final two years students prepare for university entrance by studying Cambridge A levels, preparing for SATs and partaking of leadership opportunities and extra-curricular activities to extend their resume.

    A’ levels are available in the following subjects: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physics. All subjects are taught by experienced staff who have at least a bachelor’s degree if not a masters in the subject they are teaching. Our faculty love nothing more than to support our students with all aspects of their preparation for university admission whether to Ivy League, Oxbridge or other world class university.

  • Assessment and Reporting

    As well as ongoing assessment for learning, there are formal assessments set by the local education authority 4 times per year in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science. In addition, students sit Cambridge Pathway style assessments to measure progress in each subject. These assessments are evenly spaced out on our assessment, reporting and review calendar and the results are shared with parents in a timely manner as indicated on the calendar.

  • Teacher Advisor Program (TAP)

    The teacher advisor program is an arrangement wherein each school staff member meets on a regular basis with a group of approximately 15 to 20 students to consider issues or concerns of students which are not generally dealt with in academic classes. Through our teacher advisor program, staff members learn about the needs and interests of students in a way superior to learning about students through normal classroom contact. In addition, our teacher advisor program provides students and their parents with a specific adult in the school to whom they can turn for assistance with academic, social and personal problems. The teacher advisor program fulfills four essential functions: providing educational advisement, increasing schoolwide communication, improving home-school-community relations, and enhancing the personal and social development of each student.

  • Policies

    As a bilingual and bicultural school, identifying and optimising learning opportunities and best pedagogical approaches for different learners is key, and the provision of a blended curriculum and bilingual teaching staff aim to provide ample resources to achieve this. It is also important for teachers to be aware of expectations in the different areas of learning, such as achievement in reading progress each term or scores in local examinations. At BMH, success and excellence in learning is measured in three key ways:

    1) Progress - mainly demonstrated through assessment systems, work samples and feedback
    2) Grades - both those reported internally in BMH reports as well as external examinations
    3) Competencies - connected to engagement in our BMH Values and Virtues and 21C Skills