BMH 2020 Bursary for Children of Medical Workers

March 2020

Dear Community Members and Friends,

During the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent pandemic, it has been acts of human kindness, endeavour and courage that have kept so many of us safe and strong. While many may be praised for their actions during this time, none so much as the brave and selfless medical workers who have both travelled to Hubei and worked in isolation wards on hospitals around the country.

With this in mind we would like to share with you our BMH 2020 Bursary for Children of Medical Workers and related policy. If you have family, friends or neighbours who you believe to be eligible for this, please do feel free to share this information with them for their application.

The Bursary

• Offered to children of medical workers who have supported the fight against Covid-19

• 100% tuition fee funded by BMH for applicants joining BMH in 2020

• For students in the compulsory education phase

The Duration

The Bursary of 100% tuition will be offered to the successful students for the duration of their education within Preparatory School, as offered by BMH at the time of application. Students’ tuition will be funded throughout the remainder of that education phase (e.g. if a student joins in Prep 1, their tuition will be paid until the end of Prep 6)


Families in which one or both Parents/Guardians are medical workers directly supporting control, prevention and cure of Covid-19 in Hubei or Guangdong, with priority given as follows:

1) Guangdong’s medical staff who have travelled to, or remain in, Hubei to help fight against Covid-19

2) Guangdong’s medical staff working in isolation wards of designated hospitals around Guangdong

Bursary Specifications

• The total number of Bursary placements will be dependent on availability of spaces within year groups as well as a percentage of the student roll at the time of application.

• Each prospective applicant (both student and parents) will undertake standard BMH admissions procedures, including required document submission, to be added to the pool of successful candidates.

• All school policies and procedures will apply to the students and their family, with the sole exception of the payment of termly tuition fees, which will be handled directly by the Finance Department of BMH.

• Applications will be reviewed and approved by the BMH School Board.

• The School reserves the right to interpret this policy at their own discretion.


Those families who wish to apply for our BMH 2020 Bursary for Children of Medical Workers should do so via our OA platform or directly to our Admissions Team on +86 755) 2801 0733 or via email at Bursary applicants are anticipated to join the School in August 2020, but in exceptional cases we may consider applicants to join us later this term.

We are thankful to be able to offer support and recognition of our valiant medical staff and their families both now and in the future in this way and look forward to receiving applications from within and outside of our community as outlined in this letter.


BMH Admissions and Leadership