Pre School Curriculum Coordinator

As we look forward to the year ahead, I am delighted to announce the promotion of one of our most valued staff members. Joanna Callaway will be entering her third year at BMH, where she has worked as the K1 Head of Year with great effect. Jo is a skilled and knowledgeable Early Childhood Educator and she will be stepping into a new role as our Pre School Curriculum Coordinator from August 2018. Jo will serve to strengthen our team and build on foundations built in Pre School over the past three years with a focus on enriching student learning and supporting teacher and programme development. Jo has the following to share about her new position:

I have been at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills for 2 years now and plan to continue growing with the school for the foreseeable future. Within my time here I have become very connected to our school especially; the students, the staff and the parents. I harbour a great sense of pride about where I work and feel proud of our accomplishments thus far. Therefore, the chance to take this opportunity where I can contribute further to the growth of the school and to be able help with our quest for continued excellence in all areas would for me be extremely fulfilling!