Author: Joanna Callaway

Now that the K1 children are in their fourth and final Inquiry Unit, their inquiry skills have become more elaborate and competent. They have been busy applying their higher order thinking skills to new tasks and challenges. In particular they have been designing, building, collaborating and explaining.

The Big Idea for this unit is ‘People build things for a variety of reasons’. The children have been exploring the different types of buildings around us by investigating the shape and purpose of these buildings. The children even had a tour around the Hard Rock Hotel, enabling them acquire a deeper understanding. With this knowledge the children have been busy designing their own K1 City. Together they decided on a theme for their city, discussed what buildings were needed and then set to work.

This week the children have been collaborating with some of our parents to build their buildings. The parents worked with the children by following their designs that they had created previously. The children communicated with the parent helpers about what they needed to ensure they achieved their desired building. The children used recycled junk and construction materials in the class to create their buildings. We are very grateful for all the parents who volunteered to help the children with this task.

After all the buildings are complete, the children will showcase their city to their parents. During which they will be encouraged to explain their city; the different buildings in the city and the process of how their city was created.