Author: K3B Anna Stauffenberg

Last Thursday's Coffee Morning highlighted BMH Values and Virtues. Parents were very involved and contributed their thoughts on how they think Values and Virtues are taught at school and at home. Parents also shared their concerns about challenges they face and teachers empathised with parents' frustrations about children's behaviour at home.

During the presentation the K3 Team introduced several strategies to help parents understand how we embed Values and Virtues at school: Routines, Clear Expectations, Repetition and Consistency.

After seeing how we embed the school Values and Virtues in the classroom on a daily basis parents had an opportunity to think about some routines they implement at home and how these reflect our school Values and Virtues. They thought about some routines they have at home and what they can do to improve these routines to help their children feel safe and successful. The K3 Team was very impressed by the ideas the parents shared and how engaged they were throughout the Coffee Morning!