“Round Lotus Leaf” --- A Chinese Seminar

This week, P1C class welcomed a lovely guest, Ms. Penny Liu, who is our Prep School Deputy Head Chinese Academics and Affairs. Ms. Penny brought us a gift, which was a lively Chinese Literacy Class. Other teachers across the year groups came to learn from the class.

The 40 minute class was full of fun, rich in content and good in order. At the very beginning, students were encouraged to read aloud the text of “Round Lotus Leaf” and try to read comparatively on the harder characters, to write and make phrases with comparatively easier characters; through which they almost mastered the rhythm of the text and could recognise, read and write new characters in the text.

After that, Ms. Penny provided every student with a “strange picture”, there were 5 boxes, on one of which was written “How can we write Chinese characters well?” Then Ms. Penny assigned a small inquiry task: Fill in the other 4 blank boxes with your ideas that helps us to write Chinese characters well.

Our clever students rose to the challenge and immediately started thinking and writing, for example, for characters they want to write but do not know how, they could look for them through a dictionary or write in Pinyin. After they finished the tasks, we got so many good ideas such as: write characters step by step, write it earnestly, write with good patience, and so on.

Through this class, students learnt not only the new characters in the text, but also found the correct way and attitude to write Chinese characters. By the end of the class some students asked ”Can we have Chinese lessons again this afternoon?” Don’t worry, Ms. Penny will come to your class next time!