Headmaster's Visit to BMH

On Friday 23rd March we were visited once again by our esteemed Headmaster, Mr Peter Clague, from Bromsgrove School in England. Parents from across the Pre School and Prep School gathered as our Headmaster praised the progress of the school and claimed that BMH's innovative approach is at the forefront of education in the world today.

Many schools and educational groups are working at this time to extract the best of the East and West to create a truly blended programme.

With our bilingual, inquiry-based programme with rigorous skills teaching from the UK and Chinese curricula, Headmaster explained that we are driving forward this educational movement, based on research, to offer the very best to BMH students.

Our Headmaster reiterated our goal of working towards top international universities and our commitment to ensuring students' qualifications facilitate success towards this goal.

With this in mind, and based on experience and outstanding results from Chinese students in Bromsgrove UK, BMH aims to work towards A-Levels for students as they reach the top of the Senior School in the years ahead. Remaining focused on academic rigour and holistic development, we are confident that these qualifications are the best path forward for our students and our Headmaster reminded parents of the depth of knowledge and expertise available to us through our partnership to help students move into their chosen university and future career paths.

— by Anna Packman, Head of Pre School and Prep School