Why Bromsgrove School Mission Hills?

Mar 18, 2017

As your child begins their 12-15 year school journey to take them from pre school, through prep school and on to senior school, we understand the importance and size of the decision you, as parents, are making for your precious little ones.

Why Bromsgrove School Mission Hills? Today, we aim to answer this question by reflecting on our Information Session. With an excellent turnout of around 200 visitors today, prospective students had the opportunity to enjoy a taste of what life at BMH is like, with different activities spanning classroom learning, collaborative art work and PE games. Truly an insight to our holistic and balanced approach to learning. Parents and students were offered presentations about the school ethos, history and future, as well as the exciting and deep partnership with Bromsgrove School, UK.

Parents were impressed with the depth and breadth of their questions, demonstrating true care, concern and commitment to their children's futures. We learnt that the families attracted to BMH hope for an internationally minded approach, while maintaining key traditional Chinese virtues. They hope for creative, confident children who can embrace opportunities through open-mindedness and positivity of attitude. They hope for children who speak more than one language with fluency to allow them to experience the world and broaden their horizons and their thinking both now and in the future. These hoped may be realised at Bromsgrove School Mission Hills.

Families from near and far attended the session today with the same goal in mind - to offer the very best for their children. The Bromsgrove School Mission Hills vision, mission, values and blended approach has appealed to many of those families. Our teachers welcomed students with warmth, our campus inspired engaging learning, and our school leaders inspired confidence with their detailed explanations of the school programme and goals.

We look forward to welcoming these families to become part of our own community in the future - and what a bright future it is!