Mission Hills International School and UK’s Bromsgrove School in Partnership
Offering a Unique Blend of the Best Western and the Eastern Education Approaches

September 20th, 2016

Dear Parents,

It is my great pleasure to finally confirm with you that Mission Hills International School (MHIS) and Bromsgrove School (Bromsgrove) in the United Kingdom now jointly announce partnership to relaunch MHIS as Bromsgrove School Mission Hills in Shenzhen with enhanced teaching resources and accessibility to time-honoured English education traditions, catering to the growing demand for world-class international education in the fastest-growing city in Southern China. The partnership, based on a unified ethos, entails full-scale collaboration on all levels including school management, teacher recruitment and professional development, curriculum design and enrichment, teacher and student exchange programmes, sporting excellence, university placement and ongoing review and implementation ensuring highest possible quality of educational provision.

Bromsgrove School, founded in 1553, is a co-educational independent public school in the Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove, England. The school comprises of kindergarten, primary, and secondary sections for a total of around 1,700 boarding and day-school pupils and a teaching staff of 240. It is a founder member of the Headmaster's Conference (HMC).

The school, which is now 540 years old, was first mentioned as a Chantry School in 1476 and was re-established as a Tudor grammar school between 1548 and 1553. The financial endowment of Sir Thomas Cookes in 1693 produced the first buildings on the present site. It shares a historic link with Worcester College, Oxford, in its coat of arms and motto, based on those of Thomas Cookes of Norgrove. In Bromsgrove’s most recent Inspection in 2016, the Prep and Senior School were rated EXCELLENT in every category. Pupils at Bromsgrove UK study the Creative Curriculum in the Prep and Pre-Prep moving to IGCSEs and then onto A levels and IB in the Sixth Form. Academic results are outstanding.

Dr Ken Chu, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Hills Group, stated,

“We look forward to the immense possibilities and opportunities unfolding for our young people in China following the partnership with Bromsgrove School, which is an exceptionally distinguished boarding school in the UK with a long history and rich traditions. The partnership represents another step taken by our siblings towards fulfilling the legacy of our late her Dr. David Chu to promote education in the country. My father used to donate and sponsor in support of education and sports developments in China, Hong Kong and Canada in hopes of creating a better environment and future for the youth throughout the world. I sincerely believe that Bromsgrove School Mission Hills would contribute to a modern China by inspiring our students to be enthusiastic, inquisitive and passionate about the world, and above all, well-versed in both Chinese heritage and Western knowledge.”

Mr. Peter Clague, Headmaster of Bromsgrove School UK as well as of Bromsgrove School Mission Hills, shares,

“Education has the power to transcend the boundaries of geography, politics and ideology that sometimes blind us to the rich offerings of other cultures. Bromsgrove is an ancient and highly respected educational institution in Britain. Having found an immediate affinity for the ideals of Mission Hills Education, we now sense that we have much to offer the children in Shenzhen as well. However, we also believe that we have much to learn from the Chinese way of teaching. To blend these two great learning traditions is an exciting prospect. Bromsgrove School Mission Hills will be the chance to combine two bright lights to a bright beacon of educational excellence in a truly multicultural enterprise.

Together, Bromsgrove School and Mission Hills are on the cusp of creating a unique institution. Underpinned by shared values and a deep commitment to academic excellence, the Bromsgrove School Mission Hills will shine forth, a lighthouse of mutual respect and cultural co-operation for the modern age”.

The new school board is pleased to assure you that Bromsgrove School Mission Hills would continue to offer bilingual education with equal emphasis on Chinese cultural teaching and the best English and International curricula. Easy access for the students to the sprawling golf courses and other recreational and sport facilities available in Shenzhen Mission Hills contributes to all-round development of students. Bromsgrove School and Mission Hills share the same belief in taking a holistic approach to enable our students to acquire the attitude, knowledge and skills to be leaders in the future, to be able to think and solve problems creatively and critically and to collaborate with people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Catherine Chu

Executive Director of Mission Hills Group and

Mission Hills Education Limited