Our first information session for Pre-School 2016 intake

30 November 2015

With the first of three scheduled Open House and Information Sessions held on Saturday November 14, Mission Hills International School began their 2016/17 student recruitment drive. We were pleased with the excellent turnout of over 100 parents and prospective students and are delighted the majority of families have already registered their children for an Assessment on December 5, and some needed to be deferred to our next assessment session

Our second Open House and Information Session will be held at the school on Saturday January 9 beginning at 9:00 am. The third Information Session will be held on Saturday March 12. Further Assessments will be scheduled on Saturday February 28 and on Saturday March 26.

Parents attending an Information Session will learn more about the school’s stated Mission, which is to empower students to pursue excellence in its' many forms and to acquire the skills necessary to become critical thinking self-actualised problem solvers and compassionate global citizens. Parents will also learn about the school’s unique dual language curriculum plan and how we deliver an innovative, student-centred learning program through inquiry, structured play and guided discovery.

After the presentation, all parents and children are invited to participate in three experiential learning activities. They will also have an opportunity to see our spacious and well resourced classrooms, a large dynamic outdoor play space and our advanced Pre School Library which supports Chinese and English language development.

To register for an Information Session or an Assessment for your child please contact the Admissions Office at: admissions@mhis.eduationor by phone at (0755) 2801 0733